Glokn in Midbar (Bells in the Desert), Yiddish, London, 1948 and Ringn un Keyten (Rings and Chains), Yiddish, London, 1947 by S. Palme.

S. Palme was the pen name of Bernard (Berl) Sovinsky.  He was my great-grandmother’s first cousin, born in Miedzyrzec Podlaski (Mezerich in Poland) to Baruch and Chana Sovinsky in 1888.  I have previously written about his book Farviste Erd (Scorched Earth), published in London in 1943. 

This copy has all three books bound together, and has a signed inscription by the author dated London 1950-51.

S. Palme first lived in London in 1910.  From 1918 to 1922, he lived in Soviet Russia. He debuted in print in 1912 with a poem in the London-based Yidisher Zhurnal (Jewish Journal). He went on to publish poetry in: Yugnt Shtraln (Youth Beams [of Light]), Di Post, Familyen Fraynt (Family Friend), Arbeiter Fraynt (Worker’s Friend), Di Zeit (The Times), and Loshn un Lebn (Language and Life  – click here for one of my copies)—all in London.  He came from Mezerich in Poland, and one of his poems is included in the Mezerich Yizkor book.


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