East End Story, by Abraham Bernard Levy, London (1951).

6t East End_00016t East End_0002This is one of my favourite books. East End story originated in a series of articles that A. B. Levy, a journalist and writer who was the son of a Hull tailor wrote for the Jewish Chronicle from 1948 to 1950. It evokes memories of the East End of London, damaged, but still surviving in the years after the war.

You can still find copies on eBay, in second-hand book shops and perhaps in libraries, and it is worth a read.

6t East End_0003

6t East End_0004

6t East End_0005

6t East End_0006

Click here to read more about the Great Synagogue (below) in Dukes Place.

6t East End_0007

6t East End_0008

6t East End_0009

6t East End_0010

6t East End_0011

Click here if you can read Yiddish and would like to read more about the Black Lion Yard Shtiebel (mentioned below)

6t East End_0012

6t East End_0013

6t East End_0014

6t East End_0015

6t East End_0016

6t East End_0017

6t East End_0018

6t East End_0019

Here are links to some of the publications mentioned below:

Di Zeit – the Yiddish newspaper.

The Yiddish newspaper Der Fonograf.

Loshn un Lebn – the literary monthly edited by A. N. Stencl.

6t East End_0020

Finally, you will have read above about Barcochba and Carmel Narodiczky, the sons of Israel Narodiczky who started the Narod Press, the premier 20th century printer of Yiddish and Hebrew books in Whitechapel.  I have many of these books in my library.  You can see a partial list here.

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