L’Lev Ami, To the Heart of My People, Part II, Rabbi Aaron Jacob Singer, London 1955

6s Singer2_0001This is the second part of Rabbi Singer’s writings.  The first part was published in 1939 when all was well with Rabbi Singer and his synagogue, the Philpot Street Great Synagogue, which was one of the most important synagogues belonging to the Federation of Synagogues in the East End of London.  If you have not read the first part yet, then please click here and do so!

The Philpot Street Shul was destroyed in the bombing of 1940. Many of the local residents were bombed out of their homes too, or moved away to safer places.  A temporary building was erected within the ruins and Rabbi Singer carried on.  Then he became ill, with heart problems. Perhaps that is why he called his book L’Lev Ami, To the Heart of My People.  In 1953 he died.  This book was published posthumously from the manuscripts that he left behind, by a committee that was set up for that purpose.  It was printed by the Narodiczky Press in Whitechapel.

6s Singer2_0002

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Here is the introduction below.  It says that Rabbi Singer was one of the most important orthodox Rabbis in London.  He came to London forty years ago from the famous Knesset Yisroel Yeshiva in Slabodka (Lithuania). As well as his own synagogue, known as Shalom v’Emes – the Philpot Street Great Synagogue, he worked in Jewish religious education and spent much time in support of the Ets Chaim Yeshiva in London and the Redmond’s Road Talmud Torah.


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Here is the last article in the book, where Rabbi Singer sets out his thoughts on the holiness of the Bet Haknesset – the Synagogue – and leaves no doubt about his views.  We can imagine him taking leave of his community, or what is left of it, using a temporary building located in the ruins, unrepaired from the bombing.  This is the final message from this staunchly orthodox, Zionistic Rabbi:

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