Likvod Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Rabbi Yehoshua Szpetman, London, 1957 (Yiddish).

Szpetman 1Rabbi Joshua (Shiya) Szpetman was a native of Lublin, who had already been a Rosh Yeshiva in Poland when he emigrated to London.  He was the Rabbi of the Nelson Street Sephardishe Synagogue from the 1930s until his death in 1964. 

We should say a word about the Nelson Street Synagogue.  It is the survivor of all the Federation of Synagogues Shuls and Shtiebels that once graced the East End of London.  They have all amalgamated as the East End Jewish population, already partly dispersed by the war, shrank drastically in the last half of the twentieth century. But somehow, now called the East London Central Synagogue, it is still there, at 30/40 Nelson Street, E1.  There is an interesting article on the Nelson Street Shul on the Spitalfields Life website.

Rabbi Szpetman’s background was Chassidic, and he was a friend and disciple of the author and thinker Hillel Zeitlin.  He was an orator and author and wrote regularly for the London Yiddish Newspaper Di Zeit.

As well as books and articles, Rabbi Szpetman wrote a series of High Holiday booklets, of which this, of 48 pages, is one.

His rhetoric is quite fiery and challenging.  He was sometimes known as the “red rabbi”.

The London Biala Rebbe, Rabbi Nathan David Rabbinowitz died suddenly in 1947, leaving his ethical will, which was read by Rabbi Szpetman at his funeral.  It was written in Hebrew and translated by Rabbi Szpetman into Yiddish.

Here is a selection from Rabbi Szpetman’s booklet for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Simchas Toray, for 5718 (1957):



5 thoughts on “Likvod Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Rabbi Yehoshua Szpetman, London, 1957 (Yiddish).

  1. Thank you for this post. My father was close to R Szpetman and received these booklets by post after he left London. I have booklets for Sept 52, Apr 53, Apr 55, Sept 55, Mar 56, Sept 56, Apr 57, Sept 57 (the one you posted), Apr 58 and Sept 59 as well as the book Past Worlds About Chassidism & Folklore (1951). I have some of the envelopes that the booklets came in as well as some New Year cards with a handwritten note. If you would like to see a scan I can send by email if you let me have your email address.

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