The Jewish Year Book, London, 1940 – The Jews of Wales.

5f Wales 1940The 1940 Jewish Year Book was the first to separate Wales from the rest of “The Provinces”.  The information was compiled in 1939, and so this listing gives a picture of the Jews of Wales on the eve of the Second World War.

Newport has been included here, although it is listed in England in the book.

Rabbi Moses Elias Rogosnitzky, formerly Dayan of Leipzig, is Rabbi of Cardiff.

For a book published in Tredegar, with subscription lists (in Hebrew) that include several Welsh Jewish communities, see: Zecher Ov, published by Rev. Henich Olivestone in 1916.

5f Wales 1940_0002

5f Wales 1940_0003

5f Wales 1940_0004

5f Wales 1940_0005

5f Wales 1940_0006

5f Wales 1940_0007

5f Wales 1940_0008

5f Wales 1940_0001

One thought on “The Jewish Year Book, London, 1940 – The Jews of Wales.

  1. Thanks for posting this. Re: Newport. Mrs J (Judith) Jacobs Joint Honorary Secretary of the Refugee Committee was my great aunt, and Capel Jacklyn Hon. Sec. of the Newport Synagogue was a relation of her husband Cecil.

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