Neshome Klangen – Soul Echoes by Shmuel (Samuel) White, Yiddish, London, 1941

8n White_0001This is a book of Yiddish poems by Shmuel White, printed in Whitechapel, London by the Narodiczky Press, during the war, in 1941.

8n White_0003My copy is signed and inscribed.

Shmuel White (originally Weiss) was born in Lodz, Poland, in 1891, into a wealthy Chassidic family.    At the age of ten, his parents moved to London.  He served in the British army, 1917-1918, after which he worked in leather manufacturing.  In 1913 he began to publish poems and stories in London’s Idisher ekspres (Jewish express).  He published his work in a wide range of Yiddish newspapers and journals in London:

  • Advertayzer (Advertiser)
  • Der Fonograf (The phonograph) – Click here to see some issues of Der Fonograf
  • Der Idisher Zhurnal (The Jewish journal)
  • Di Tsayt (Time) edited by Morris Meyer
  • Fraynd (Friend)
  • Idishe Post (Jewish mail)
  • Idishe Shtime (Jewish voice),
  • Loshn un Lebn (Language and life) edited by Nokhum Shtentsl (A. N. Stencl)
  • Teater-Shpigl (Theater mirror)
  • Yidish London (Jewish London) (1939)
  • Yontef Bleter (Holiday sheets)

Shmuel White died in London in September 1970.

8n White_0002

This book, Neshome Klangen, has a foreword by Morris Meyer, the publisher of the Yiddish daily newspaper Di Zeit.  Click here to see some advertisements from Di Zeit.

8n White_0005

8n White_0006

Here are a few extracts:

8n White_0004

8n White_0007

8n White_0008

8n White_0009

8n White_0010

2 thoughts on “Neshome Klangen – Soul Echoes by Shmuel (Samuel) White, Yiddish, London, 1941

  1. He seems like a fascinating character who may have quite a biography?
    Thanks for ‘collecting’this.

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