Gems from The Talmud, Rev. Isidore Myers, London 1894.

8k Myers_0001Reverend Isidore Myers was born in Suwalki, Lithuanian Poland, in 1856.  He was brought to Australia by his parents, at the age of thirteen.  Following a thorough education he became Secretary of the East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation in 1876, and became its Minister 1883-1889.  From 1882 he was a Freemason, a member of the Golden and Corinthian Lodge of Bendigo, Sandhurst, Victoria.  He left to travel to Palestine and England and married Anne, the daughter of  Rabbi Dattner Jacobson, the Rabbi of the Melbourne Hebrew Congregation,  They had two children, Zion Myers, a film writer and director and Carmel Myers, who became a film actress.  In about 1897 Isidore Myers emigrated to California, where he was Rabbi of various congregations and also became involved with the silent film industry.

8k Myers_0002He was in England from 1891 to 1893, where he taught and lectured on the Talmud in various synagogues all over England, and he appears in the census in 1891, boarding at 11 Eresby Road, Hampstead. In February 1891 he was lecturing on the Talmud at Steinway Hall in London. In September 1891 he spoke at the Synagogue in Grimsby on his travels to Palestine.  On Yom Kippur 1891 he gave a sermon at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in Manchester, after which he travelled to Sheffield.  In December 1891 he was in Bradford, in February 1892 in Sunderland, April 1892 in Nottingham, and he reached Penzance for a lecture on the Talmud in July 1892.  In August 1892 he was in Cardiff, and gave lectures in Plymouth at the end of 1892.  He was lecturing in London in spring of 1893 prior to his departure from England.

His book Gems from The Talmud with a preface dated December 1893 was published in 1894.  It consists of selective passages, mostly from the Talmud, with rhyming translations into English.  Some of the translations had previously appeared in the Melbourne Jewish Herald, and all the others were written in England.

Isidore Myers died on 25th April 1922, in Los Angeles, California.

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