The History of the Hammersmith Synagogue, Michael Adler, London 1950

6n Hammersmith_0002This book was originally intended to be published in 1940, the Jubilee of the Hammersmith Synagogue, but war intervened, and it was not published until 1950, by which time its author, Reverend Michael Adler had passed away.

Michael Adler was born in 1868 and educated at Jews College.  He is remembered today chiefly as the Jewish Chaplain to the British Army in the First World War, for his book, “The British Jewry Book of Honour”, about those who served in the War, textbooks of Hebrew Grammar, and articles and research on medieval Anglo-Jewish history.  However, back in 1890, as a young man of 22, he was appointed Minister of the new Hammersmith Synagogue.

6n Hammersmith_0001The Ministers and Rabbis of the Hammersmith Synagogue up to 1950 were:

Barnett Elzas (1889)

Michael Adler (1890-1903)

Solomon Alfred Adler (1904-1908)

Solomon Lipson (1909-1938)

Rabbi E. M. Levy (1939-1940)

Reverend M Ehrnthal (1940-1942)

Rabbi Dr. Ernest Wiesenberg (1942-1946

Samuel Venitt (1946-  )

The Synagogue closed in the 1990s and the building is now the Chinese Church in London.

The pages scanned below explain how a synagogue was founded in the late 18802/early 1890s.:

6n Hammersmith_0003

6n Hammersmith_0004

6n Hammersmith_0005

6n Hammersmith_0006

6n Hammersmith_0007

6n Hammersmith_0008

6n Hammersmith_0009

6n Hammersmith_0010

6n Hammersmith_0011

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  1. I have a signed painting by Beverley-Jane Stewart no.14/50 of interior Hammersmith Syn
    You can have it ftee if you pay for postage from Leeds.

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