Sefer Tanchuma bar Yitzchak by Rabbi Theodore Ostroff, Jerusalem, 1928

6o Tanchum_0001Rabbi Theodore (Tanchum) Ostroff was born in Bausk Latvia, according to the history books, but in Kovno, according to his declaration of naturalization for British citizenship.  He was a Talmudic scholar who came to London in 1901.  His son, known as Rabbi Alexander Astor, educated at the Guildhall School of Music, Etz Chaim Yeshiva and Jews College, emigrated to New Zealand.

Rabbi Ostroff tells his own story in his book, which also has interesting letters of approval and testimonials, in Hebrew and English from Rabbis Kook, Zonenfeld, Borochov, Margolios and Charlap.

6o Tanchum_00026o Tanchum_0003My copy has an inscription inside

“To Rev Ginsbury

With compliments and best wishes from M. M. Ostrow”

6o Tanchum_0004And here is a photograph of the author.

For the rest, we will let Rabbi Ostroff tell his own story, in Hebrew and English, of his travels, in particular to Oslo, which he called by its old name Kristiana, and how Rabbi Werner of the Machzike Hadass in London brought him to live in England.  This is followed by scans of the approbations or testimonials from famous rabbis:


6o Tanchum_0005

6o Tanchum_0006

6o Tanchum_0007

6o Tanchum_0008

6o Tanchum_0009

6o Tanchum_0010

6o Tanchum_0011

6o Tanchum_0012

6o Tanchum_0013

6o Tanchum_0014

6o Tanchum_0015

6o Tanchum_0016

6o Tanchum_0017

6o Tanchum_0018

6o Tanchum_0019

6o Tanchum_0020

6o Tanchum_0021

6o Tanchum_0022

6o Tanchum_0023

6o Tanchum_0024

6o Tanchum_0024

6o Tanchum_0025

6o Tanchum_0026

6o Tanchum_0027

6o Tanchum_0028

6o Tanchum_0029

6o Tanchum_0030

6o Tanchum_0031

6o Tanchum_0032

6o Tanchum_0033

6o Tanchum_0034

6o Tanchum_00356o Tanchum_0036

6o Tanchum_0037



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