With the Jewish Brigade by Benjamin Caspar, London 1947

6q Brigade_0001This little book was written by Reverend Benjamin Caspar, who was the Senior Chaplain to the Jewish Infantry Brigade of the British Army in the Second World War.  The Jewish Infantry Brigade Group was formed at a comparatively late date in the Second World War, but it completed training in time to take part in the last battle in Italy.  The Brigade Commander was Brigadier E. F. Benjamin.  The Jewish Brigade was almost entirely Palestinian, with personnel who included former refugees from Austria, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Rumania, Russia and Poland, Yemen and Abyssinia.

The scanned extracts speak for themselves:

6q Brigade_0002

6q Brigade_0003

6q Brigade_0004

6q Brigade_0005

6q Brigade_0006

6q Brigade_0007

6q Brigade_0008

6q Brigade_0009

6q Brigade_0010

6q Brigade_0011

6q Brigade_0012

6q Brigade_0013


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