Sermons, by A. A. Green, (Minister of the Hampstead Synagogue 1892-1930), London, 1935.

7r Green_0001This book is the legacy of Rev. Aaron Asher Green, the London born Minister of the Hampstead Synagogue for almost forty years. 

7r Green_0002As well as a short biography, written by Henrietta Adler, I have included his sermon to commemorate the Peace, after the First World War.  He hopes that a time will come when Germany will redeem herself. He ends his sermon not with a Talmudic or Biblical quote, but a quote from the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore.

There is, of course, a very sharp contrast between this most English of Jewish Ministers, who was unable, for lack of funds, to complete his University and Rabbinical studies, and the wave of Rabbi’s who emigrated to Britain from Eastern Europe and provided Rabbinical leadership to the orthodox community.

7r Green_0003

7r Green_0004

7r Green_0005

7r Green_0006

7r Green_0007

7r Green_0008

7r Green_0009

7r Green_0010

7r Green_0011

7r Green_0012

Here is his sermon on The Peace:

7r Green_0013

7r Green_0014

7r Green_0015

7r Green_0016

7r Green_0017

7r Green_0018

7r Green_0019


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