Modern Judaism, by John Allen, London 1816.

7h Allen_0001This book, subtitled “Or a Brief Account of the Opinions, Traditions, Rites,& Ceremonies of the Jews in Modern Times” is the major work written by John Allen. He was an English dissenting layman and religious writer, born in Truro, Cornwall, in 1771 and master of a school in Hackney, London for thirty years.  This is the first edition, published in 1816.

It is in my collection of Anglo-Judaica for historical reasons.  Although Allen claims to like Jewish people, he has a low regard for Jewish practices, hates rabbis and believes that the Jews killed Christ. 

7h Allen_0003My copy belonged to Rev. Samuel Sheridan Wilson, a missionary sent by the London Society to the Greek islands.

This book is listed by Cecil Roth on page 397 of his Magna Bibliotheca Anglo-Judaica.  It has detailed descriptions of Jewish beliefs, rites and practices and a very striking frontispiece engraving of a Rabbi:

7h Allen_0002

7h Allen_0004

7h Allen_0005

7h Allen_0006

7h Allen_0007

7h Allen_0008

7h Allen_0009

7h Allen_0010

7h Allen_0011

7h Allen_0012

7h Allen_0013

7h Allen_0014

7h Allen_0015

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