An attempt to remove prejudices concerning the Jewish Nation, Thomas Witherby, London 1804.

6p Witherby 1804_0003This book came from a lot which was sold at Christies’ sale of 23rd June 1998, part of which I purchased from a friendly dealer. 

It speaks for itself – 500 pages of arguments in the form of dialogues, by a Christian writer, basically explaining things which made people prejudiced against the Jews. 

This copy was originally in the Birmingham Library and has a pasted down page at the beginning with an approbation by Dr. Samuell Horsley, a retired Bishop. 

It is listed in Cecil Roth’s Magna Bibliotheca Anglo Judaica on page 228, section B1, No. 147.

6p Witherby 1804_0001





6p Witherby 1804_0002

6p Witherby 1804_0004

6p Witherby 1804_0005

6p Witherby 1804_0006

6p Witherby 1804_0007

6p Witherby 1804_0008

6p Witherby 1804_0009

6p Witherby 1804_0010

6p Witherby 1804_0011

6p Witherby 1804_0012

6p Witherby 1804_0013



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