Miscellanies of the Jewish Historical Society of England, Part I, London 1925.

5z Misc I_0003As well as the long series of Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of England, which are records of lectures given at Society meeting, the JHSE has also issued a series of “Miscellanies”, of which this was the first one, published in 1925.  (I have them all in my collection).

I like the word Miscellanies and the name of this website “Jewish Miscellanies” was inspired by these books.

From the Bodleian Bowl, through various miscellaneous short articles on Anglo-Jewish history, finishing with Anglo Judaica in the Catalogue of British Museum Manuscripts, here is a selection, all from this first volume:

Let’s start with the Bodleian Bowl, which is actually in the Ashmolean Library in Oxford, a medieval copper bowl with a Hebrew inscription, which was found in a moat in 1696 in Norfolk, England.  The inscription had been interpreted in various ways since it was found.  There are some scans of the beginning of some of the articles, to whet the appetite, followed by the whole article on Anglo-Judaica manuscripts in the British Museum:

5z Misc I_0001

5z Misc I_0002

5z Misc I_0004

5z Misc I_0005

5z Misc I_0006

5z Misc I_0007

5z Misc I_0008

5z Misc I_0009

5z Misc I_0010

5z Misc I_0011

5z Misc I_0012

5z Misc I_0013

5z Misc I_0014

5z Misc I_0015


One thought on “Miscellanies of the Jewish Historical Society of England, Part I, London 1925.

  1. I don’t know how widely this is available but the University of California at Berkeley (usually written as UC Berkeley) has an incomplete (though fairly full) run of both the Transactions and Miscellanies in their Main Library. If you search using their online catalog (Oskicat) and search for Jewish Historical Society of England, it will be among the results. Jeremy Frankel

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