Memorandum submitted to the Anglo-American Committee of Enquiry into the Jewish Problem in Europe and the Future of Palestine by the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, London 1946.

5y MZF 1946_0001The Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry (AACI), formed in December 1945, was created to study the situation of Jewish survivors in Europe and the problems connected with their resettlement in Palestine. Composed of six British and six American members, the Committee was charged with gathering information and making recommendations on, first, the effect of Jewish immigration and resettlement on political, economic, and social conditions in Palestine, and second, the position of surviving Jews in Europe and the possibility of resettling or repatriating them in Palestine and other non-European countries. On April 20, 1946, the AACI submitted its unanimous report, which was made public on May 1.

This is an original copy of the Memorandum submitted by the British Zionist Federation to the Committee.  A similar one (which I do not have) was submitted by the Board of Deputies of British Jews.  Both were printed by the Narod Press in Whitechapel.

5y MZF 1946_0002

5y MZF 1946_0003

5y MZF 1946_0004

5y MZF 1946_0005

5y MZF 1946_0006

5y MZF 1946_0007

5y MZF 1946_0008

5y MZF 1946_0009

5y MZF 1946_0010

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