The Rise of Provincial Jewry, by Cecil Roth, London 1950.

5s Roth Prov_0001At first I thought that this little book was too modern to be in my collection, and then I saw a copy offered for sale and found that it is scarce and difficult to obtain.  The Rise of Provincial Jewry is really an important book that describes the origins of the modern communities, some already defunct, of the towns of the British Isles outside London.

5s Roth Prov_0002The Table of Contents shows the scope, and I have picked a few towns and cities – Bath, Bristol, the Channel Islands, Norwich and Sheffield –  to scan as examples.  With all the research that has been done in the last seventy years, there needs to be a new, updated edition.

.5s Roth Prov_0003

5s Roth Prov_0004

5s Roth Prov_0005

5s Roth Prov_0006

5s Roth Prov_0007

5s Roth Prov_0008

5s Roth Prov_0009

5s Roth Prov_0010

5s Roth Prov_0011

5s Roth Prov_0012


5s Roth Prov_0013

5s Roth Prov_0014

5s Roth Prov_0015

5s Roth Prov_0016

5s Roth Prov_0017

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