Proletarishe Yugnt (Proletarian Youth), A. M. Orzycer, London 1943

5t Orzycer_0001Abraham Mordecai Orzhitzer (also spelled Orzycer) was born on March 1, 1913 in Brok, near Ostrow Mazowiecka, Poland.  In 1931, at the age of 18, he emigrated to Paris and went on from there to London. where he was a tailor and writer.  In 1953 he moved to the United States. He was a reporter for the London daily newspaper Di Zeit, as well as other publications.

5t Orzycer_0002My copy (which I acquired from a reputable dealer), was signed by the author in 1952 and given to the Jewish Public Library in Winnipeg, Canada. This institution was founded in 1922 and was amalgamated into the Kaufman Silverberg Library at the Asper Jewish Community Campus in 1997. It had a large collection of several thousand Yiddish books. After the amalgamation, many books from the old library were dispersed.  A core collection of books was kept to fill the shelves of Dos Yiddish Vinkel, a reading room in the new library, but apparently not this one.

It should be remembered that this book was written and published in 1943, during the height of the Second World War and the Holocaust, when A. M. Orzhitzer was only 30 years old.  The book was printed by the Narodiczky Press in Whitechapel.

As I could not find this book in the Spielberg Digital Yiddish collection at the Yiddish Book Center, I have scanned one of the complete short stories.

5t Orzycer_0003

5t Orzycer_0004

5t Orzycer_0005

5t Orzycer_0006

5t Orzycer_0007

5t Orzycer_0008

5t Orzycer_0009

5t Orzycer_0010

5t Orzycer_0011

5t Orzycer_0012

5t Orzycer_0013

5t Orzycer_0014

5t Orzycer_0015

5t Orzycer_0016

5t Orzycer_0017

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