Sefer Ein Habdolach, Rabbi Chaim Zvi Mannheim, New York, 1938, with Prenumeranten.

This book is not part of my Anglo-Judaica collection.  It is included because it has such an interesting list of subscribers (prenumeranten), from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Mannheimer was born in 1814.  He was educated at the yeshiva of the Chasam Sofer.  

His first rabbinical position was at Shutelsdorf.  As this was a relatively small city, Rabbi Chaim Tzvi found time for learning and opened a small yeshiva in the city as well. Later, he became Rabbi in Verboi.

He became Rabbi in Ungvar in 1861 and opened an impressive yeshivah in Ungvar.  he died there in 1886.

His students published his responsa (questions and answers) in this book.  It was called Habdolach using the initial letters of his name: Chaim Hirsch Ben Dovid Leib.

However, it is the subscription list, scanned below the sample pages which is of current interest:



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