Zemiroth Israel, traditional Hebrew melodies, arranged for the pianoforte by Ernst Pauer; with an explanatory preface by Francis L. Cohen. London, 1896.

HebMel01This edition was published by George Augener in London in 1896.  The arranger, Ernst Pauer was born in Vienna in 1826, and moved to London in 1851. He was engaged to perform daily recitals at the Great Exhibition in South Kensington, and arranged piano music for the music publisher George Augener.

The introduction, reproduced below, is by Francis Lyon Cohen.  He was a British orthodox rabbi, who was born in Aldershot, Hampshire, in 1862 and educated at Jews College an University College, London. Francis Lyon Cohen was the music editor of the Jewish Encyclopedia, the originator of the idea of the Jewish Lads Brigade and the first Jewish Chaplain to the British Army.

He was Minister of South Hackney Synagogue (1883-85), in Dublin from 1885 to 1886, and from 1886 was at the Borough Synagogue in London.  He married Rose Hast, the daughter of the Reverend Marcus Hast,  Chazan of the Great Synagogue. With David Davis he was the author of “The Voice of Prayer and Praise”, known as the Blue Book.  In 1904 he was appointed Chief Minister of the Great Synagogue in Sydney, Australia, the first Rabbi in Australia with Semicha (a Rabbinical diploma) and died there thirty years later in 1934.


Rabbi Cohen writes that the version below is that favoured in English Synagogues.


Rabbi Cohen writes that the version below is “peculiarly Anglo-Jewish” and has been traditional in the London Synagogues since at least the close of the last century. (As he is writing in 1896, he means the 1790s).


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