Bais Yisroel by Rabbi Hirsch Turetzky of Glasgow, printed in Leeds.

Turetzky01I do not know much about Rabbi Turetzky, sometimes spelled Turetsky.  He is another of Britain’s forgotten rabbis.  There were other Rabbis called Turetzky, and they are probably part of the same family, but I have not been able to connect them and would appreciate information.  All I really know is that he was a slaughterer and kashrus supervisor in Glasgow.

This book was printed by Joseph Porton in Leeds, on poor quality paper, with some pages slightly misaligned, suggesting a cheap printing job – perhaps there were limited finances available.  However it does have two nice haskomos (approbations), from Rabbi Yaakov Rabinowitz and from Rabbi Samuel Yitzchok Hillman.

However, having said that little is known about the author of the book, I found this in the Jewish Chronicle:
Turetsky ad

This book in English was published in 1922, and you can read a copy by clicking here.

Here are some pages from Bais Yisroel:


2 thoughts on “Bais Yisroel by Rabbi Hirsch Turetzky of Glasgow, printed in Leeds.

  1. I’m not sure if it’s the same Rabbi Turetsky you are researching, but if not he will certainly be from the same family……….. I was bar-mitzvah in 1968 at The New Central Villa Synagogue (No longer extant) in Harrogate road, Rabbi Turetsky was the Rabbi of the shul at the time……. He was a very gentle and learned man who was well loved by the congregation and wider community. The shul which had formerly been a cinema eventually moved (along with the majority of the Jewish community) to the northern suburb of Leeds (Alwoodley) under the new name of Etz-Chaim.
    My understanding is that round abouts 1970 Rabbi Turetsky took up a post at a shul near Marble Arch in London and suffered a heart attack at a young age, from which he did not survive.

    1. You are referring to Rabbi Morris (Moshe) Turetsky (born 1926) who I remember when he was Rav at the Western Synagogue (since merged to become the Western Marble Arch Synagogue) from 1970 until 1984 when he moved along the Bayswater Road to be Rav of the New West End Synagogue (St Petersburgh Place) until his retirement in 1991. He died two years later.
      His Hebrew name was Moshe ben Yehoshua Dov so he wasn’t a son of Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Turetzky of Glasgow though he might have been a nephew.

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