Manual of Neginoth by Rev. A Perlzweig, London 1912.

PerlzweigManual01This little book was published by R. Mazin in 1912.

Reverend Asher Perlzweig (1876-1942) was born in Kamenetz Podolsk in the Ukraine in about 1876. He studied composition in Vienna and in London under Dr. Prout. He was elected Chazan of Vine Court Synagogue in the East End of London in 1896. He became the Chazan of the Finsbury Park Synagogue in 1904. Among Rev. Perlzweig’s published compositions are Kol Nidre (1904) and this, his first book, Manual of Neginoth (Cantillation music). I have previously written  about his book of music for Megillas Esther.

He was one of the founders of the Association of Chazanim, a gifted composer and choir director.

In his Preface he writes that “A great many variations of the Neginoth, some based on local traditions, some purely individual, are now in use all over the world, but for obvious reasons it has been thought best to place on record here the forms usually employed in this country.”


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