Apiryon, Volume IV Number XI, by Shmuel Miller of Yonkers, New York, 1926-1927.

Apiryon1This is a Rabbinical journal which I have included in my collection to demonstrate the international renown of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Ferber of London, extracts from whose book, Kerem HaTzvi are included.

The editor, Shmuel Miller, is Dr. Simon Miller (1887-1971), a Yonkers dentist who served as a lay leader of Ohab Zedek and local chapters of Zionist organizations. He was born in Hungary but immigrated to the United States as a child, along with other members of his family.

Apiryon was a monthly magazine in Hebrew that included rabbinic sermons and homilies, news from the Jewish world, book reviews, eulogies, and commentary.

This is the extract by Rabbi Ferber:


This is an interesting list of Rabbinical news:


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