The Jewish Literary Annual, London 1905.

JewLitAnn01The Union of Jewish Literary Societies was an association of societies founded in 1902 in London for the diffusion of Jewish Literature, history and sociology, and for the co-ordination of the work of Jewish literary societies. The organization grew out of a conference of Jewish literary societies convened by the North London Jewish Literary and Social Union. Its first president was Israel Abrahams.

My copy is the Annual for 1905, when the society was just three years old, but, judging from the long list of constituent societies, including London, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and other major cities as well as small communities in Wales and branches in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, there had been rapid growth.

JewLitAnn02I have scanned: (1) the President, Lucien Wolf’s paper om Anglo-Jewish Literary Ability, which gives a detailed history of early literary efforts in the Anglo-Jewish community,
(2) lists of societies and their officers.
(3) at the end, as a bonus, three interesting advertisements out of those that helped defray the cost of printing.


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