Anglo Jewish Association Quarterly, London, October 1967, (including the new Chief Rabbi, Dr. I. Jakobovits’ busy day).

AJA1967Oct01I’ve written before about the Anglo-Jewish Association, which still exists, but is, perhaps, a relic of a bygone age. It was formed in 1871 with the aim of strengthening Anglo-Jewish life and as a charitable support for Jewish education in schools in the Middle East and the former British Empire.  It was always a strong fund-raiser for the Evelina de Rothschild School in Jerusalem.

This is a link to my copy of the Ninth Annual Report, for the year 1879-1880.

This is a link to my copy of the Sixteenth Annual Report, for the year 1886-1887.

I have a number of issues of the A.J.A Quarterly, a small magazine, and this one was published in October 1967, at which time the Anglo Jewish Association could attract the major speakers of the day, such as the newly installed Chief Rabbi, Dr. Immanuel Jakobovits, and General Chaim Herzog, then the First Military Governor of the West Bank of the Jordan, who spoke at an Emergency Meeting on 13th July, 1967.  Their speeches are reported in the magazine.

The newly installed Chief Rabbi’s busy day, Sunday April 16th, 1967, started when he addressed the Board of Deputies of British Jews in the morning,  This was followed by the Consecration of the new Finchley Synagogue (click here for the Order of Service). And then the speech to the Anglo-Jewish Association, recorded here, where he set out his first impressions and first plans, and also mentioned that he had carried a very heavy Sefer Torah (Scroll of the Law) at the Finchley consecration earlier!

The meeting with Chaim Herzog (who was the son of the Rabbi Isaac Halevy Herzog, Chief Rabbi of Israel and previously Chief Rabbi of Ireland), included speeches by Members of Parliament of all parties and a vote of thanks by Sir George Bean, who followed a military career by becoming a judge and was the President of AJEX (the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen).


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