Ein Yaakov, Amsterdam, 1742 (the Jews College, London copy).

EinYakovProops01Ein Yaakov is a 16th century compilation of the non-legalistic and folklore-like stories that are in the Talmud, together with commentaries.  It was compiled by Yaakov ben Shlomo ibn Habib and his son Rabbi Levi ibn Habib.

This edition includes commentaries that illuminate the meaning of the text and provide additional insights, including the commentary of Yehuda (Leo) di Modena, which has appeared in all editions since 1684.

This edition was printed by the publishing house of Shlomo Proops in Amsterdam in 1742.

He was born between 1675 tand 1680 and died in 1734. His father, who may have been a Hebrew printer as well, was established as a bookseller in Amsterdam. In 1704 Solomon Proops set up his own Hebrew press, which produced mainly liturgical books but also a wide range of other works in Hebrew and Yiddish.  After his death, his sons carried on the printing business using their father’s name.

EinYakovProops02My copy has an old stamp from Jews’ College, London. Jews College was founded in 1855 as a Rabbinical College in London. It was a college of the University of London until recent years, has been renamed the London School of Jewish Studies and moved to Hendon. Presumably it was in one of the sales from the Library to raise funds in approximately 2004.

I have another book with a similar stamp from Jews College – Sefer Shalos uTshuvos (Responsa) of Rabbi Solomon Luria, printed in Furth in 1768.

There are a number of interesting Haskomos (approbations) starting with Rabbi Shlomo Ayalon who was the head of the Rabbinical Court of the Sephardim in Amsterdam,


This (below) is the Approbation (Haskomoh) of my nine-greats grandfather, Rabbi Abraham Katenellenbogen, who was the Rabbi and Head of the Rabbinical Court of Altona, Hamburg and Wandsbeck.



Here are the words of the printer/publisher:


Here is the start of the text – the first Perek or chapter of the Massechet (Tractate) of Berochos:


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