Milin DeRabanan MeTalmud HaYerushalmi (Sentences by the Rabbis of the Jerusalem Talmud), by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Dziubas, Leeds (England), 1940.

DziubasYerushalmi01This is a handy pocket-sized reference book.  It is an index of sayings from the Jerusalem Talmud, in alphabetical order, with the name of the Tractate and page number for each one.  It was, interestingly, printed in 1940, at the height of the Second World War, in Leeds, England, by Saul Tunick.

The author, Rabbi Abraham Isaac (or Abram Icek) Dziubas was the nephew of Reb Joseph Dziubas, a pious and prominent businessman in Czestochowa. He was born in 1885 and was a child prodigy, writing his first book at the age of fifteen. He was a prolific author, and wrote at least eleven books, including a Haggadah commentary and a eulogy to the Ger Rebbe, the Sfas Emes. He apparently chose not to be a communal Rabbi, but to write books, and some of his books have haskomos (approbations) from prominent rabbis. However, he had difficulty finding a permanent home. He went to Palestine, and then lived in Holland, and finally settled in the city of Leeds, in northern England in 1935, where he was living at 27 Sholebrook Avenue, Leeds 7 in 1940.  Later, he settled in Ramsgate, next to Montefiore College, and died in 1947.


Another of his books, which I have written about, was an edited edition of Sefer Ha-Assufot, by Rabbi Elijah Carcasona. This was a manuscript in the Montefiore library in Ramsgate. It’s not in the Montefiore collection any more, having been, I believe, sold to an American collector by the Montefiore Endowment in 2004.  This is advertised on the last two pages of  Milin DeRabanan, and was actually printed in 1942.


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