Board of Deputies of British Jews, Annual Report, London, 1948.

1948BODS01The Annual Report, actually printed in 1949, starts with a fascinating list of Synagogues and other organizations who were represented on the Board, with the names of the Deputies.  These include 127 London Synagogues, five in Dublin, seven in Glasgow, 11 in Leeds, seven in Liverpool, and 31 in Manchester.

I wonder if all of these were active in 1948.  During my short time as a Deputy (1971-72) there were several prominent people representing “rotten boroughs” – London East End Synagogues which no longer had a minyan (10 adult male worshipers) but still managed to elect a Deputy to the Board.

The Report can be compared to the pre-war one for 1933, which is also included on this website.

There are some scans of interesting items from the report below, including the full and detailed report of the Board’s Palestine Committee, an interesting read for 1948.


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