Keter Torah by Dr. George Wigoder of Dublin, 1913.

Keter Torah is a book by Dr. George Wigoder consisting of short commentaries on the Bible.  As there was no Hebrew printer in Dublin at the time, it was printed in Jerusalem at the press of A. M. Luncz in 1913.  the pages were apparently shipped to Ireland, and my copy was bound by Galwey and Company, Eustace Street, Dublin.  The book is bound together with another short book, Ateres Tiferes, by his brother, Myer Joel Wigoder. Myer Joel Wigoder was the grandfather of the Liberal Peer, Lord Basil Wigoder, and of the historian and editor of the Jewish Encyclopedia, Geoffrey Wigoder.

Dr. Selig George Wigoder was born in the town of Wegoda, near Wexna, Lithuania, in 1865. He studied firstly Philosophy and then Medicine in Halle, Germany and later Medicine in Edinburgh. He joined his brother Myer Joel Wigoder who had emigrated to Dublin, Ireland. On August 7th, 1895, he married Jessie Bradlaw, in the Adelaide Road Synagogue in Dublin. Selig and Jessie had a son, Lionel, born on the first day of the month of Ab, but Selig was actually away in Edinburgh, studying for his final medical examination. He returned to Dublin two days later as a qualified medical doctor who could practice in Dublin.

As well as becoming a prominent doctor in Dublin, Selig was a prolific author in Hebrew (as was his brother Myer Joel Wigoder). His works included Keter Torah, dedicated to his late mother-in-law, and Beth Avigdor, dedicated to his late father-in-law.

He died on 27th May, 1934, and was buried in Dublin.

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