Sefer BeAchrit Hayomim (At the End of Days) by Rabbi Jacob Tessler, Leeds 1942

achrit hayamim 1Rabbi Jacob Tessler was born in Hungary in 1884,  emigrated to England, and settled in Leeds.  His wife Fanny and son, Elimelech Shimshon Tessler travelled to visit their family in Hungary and were murdered in Auschwitz by the Nazis.  he emigrated to Israel in January 1958 and died in Netanya in April 1959.  His genealogy is here.

achrit hayamim 2He also called his book Messianic Future in English (on his letterhead), and Remnant of Jacob.  It consists of articles and Talmudic stories about the Redemption to come and the Messiah, taken from the Talmud (Babli and Yerushalmi), legends and biblical commentary.  These are collected with explanations.  My copy has some water stains.

achrit hayamim 3The book starts with Haskamos (approbations) which include:

  • Rabbi J. H. Hertz – Chief Rabbi of the British Empire
  • Dayan Yechezkel Abramsky of the London Beth Din
  • Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch (Herman) Hurwitz, Av Beis Din of Leeds
  • Rabbi Yehuda Unterman of Liverpool
  • Rabbi Josef Jona Tzvi Horovitz, who had been a rabbi in Frankfort and emigrated to England in 1938
  • Rabbi Yerucham Leib Ostrinsky of Leeds (I think this is actually Rabbi Judah Leib Ostrinsky)

achrit hayamim 4

At the end of the book is an excellent and interesting Prenumeranten list – a list of subscribers who agreed to buy the book in advance to cover the costs of printing.  It is an outstanding list including prominent orthodox Jews in England in 1942, from London, Leeds, Bradford, Southport (Rabbi Tessler writes ‘Zoitport’ in Hebrew characters!), Manchester, Harrogate, Letchworth, and Luton.  I have scanned it in full:

achrit hayamim 5

achrit hayamim 6

achrit hayamim 7

achrit hayamim 8

achrit hayamim 9

achrit hayamim 10

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