Marche Lev by Rabbi Arieh Leib (Lewis) Levine of Liverpool, London 1907

maarchei lev 1This is an early Narodiczky press publication (number 46 in Moshe Sanders list), written by Rabbi Arieh Leib Levine, known as Lewis Levine.  Rabbi Levine was born in Traby, near Ivye in the district of Grodno in 1861.  He emigrated to England in the 1890s, and when this book was published, he was Rabbi of the Crown Street synagogue in Liverpool.  He later moved to London, was Rabbi at the Sidney Street Synagogue and then at the New Synagogue in Little Alie Street.  he died in 1927.

This was Rabbi Levine’s second book. The first, about which I have also written on this blog, was called Beis Yisroel.

Marche Lev is a book about legends of the Talmud, with “wonderful” insights and discourses.

maarchei lev 2It has two haskamos (approbations that the book is agreed and approved for reading):

  • Rabbi Israel Chaim Daiches of Leeds and Liverpool.
  • Rabbi Samuel Jacob Rabinowitz of Liverpool








maarchei lev 3The book starts with an introduction by the author, followed by a second page with some information about his family. He was an only son, the son of Rabbi Noson, the son of Rabbi Avigdor, from the town of Isabelin in the district of Grodno.  His wife (actually his first wife, as she died in 1916) was Sarah Rachel and Rabbi Levine writes that he had said that he would write the name of his father-in-law in his books. He was Moshe Arieh Lipshitz, a Gabbai in the town of Swisloch.




maarchei lev 4

Here are samples from the book:

maarchei lev 5

maarchei lev 6

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