Central Synagogue, Nineteenth Annual Report, 1908.

6k CentralIn the nineteenth century the wealthier Jews started to move out of the East End of London to the more fashionable West End.  In 1848 the Central Synagogue was established as a ‘branch’ of the Great Synagogue in the City of London for those for whom the walk to the Great Synagogue was too far. The building was consecrated in 1870 and stood in Great Portland Street until it was destroyed by a German bomb on 10th May, 1941.  It was replaced by the current ‘modern’ synagogue.

By 1908 it was well established, large and active.  These were the wealthy and successful families who led fashionable Jewish society. Here then, to speak for itself, is the Annual Report for 1908:

6k Central_00016k Central_00026k Central_00036k Central_00046k Central_00056k Central_00066k Central_00076k Central_00086k Central_00096k Central_00106k Central_00116k Central_0012


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