The Jewish Year Book 1932, Rev. S. Levy – and the Federation of Synagogues

6b JYB1932_0001I bought this book in 1987 in the closing-down sale of the old Feldheim book store on East Broadway, New York.  I have other copies of the Jewish Year Book, from the very first one in 1896, but this is one of the most useful.  The earlier Jewish Year Books had plenty of information about the older established Jewish community in London, and immensely valuable information about communities in the “provinces” of Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester etc., not to mention Aberdeen, Falmouth, Grimsby, Tredegar and so on.

However, the Federation of Synagogues had not really co-operated.  In 1925 Julius Jung, a son of the Federation Chief Rabbi Meir Jung, became Secretary and a couple of years later Councillor Morry Davis became President.

6b JYB1932_0002For the 1932 Jewish Yearbook (which means that the data was compiled in 1931), Julius Jung supplied a complete list of Federation Synagogues and Synagogue officials.

For those interested in Rabbanim, here is Rabbi Desler at the Artillery Lane Synagogue, Rabbi Zinober in Clapton, Rabbi Hyman at Great Alie Street, Rabbi Levene at the Jubilee Street Great Synagogue, Rabbi Dr. Newman in Notting Hill, Rabbi Gutnick on Old Castle Street, Rabbi Dr. Kirzner at the Stamford Hill Beth Hamedrash and Rabbi G. (Yedidya) Rosenberg (great-great uncle of my daughter-in-law) over at Woolwich and Plumstead.

I have written about this before on my website  (on which see the bottom of the home page), however, here, as a useful reference, is a scan of the complete list

6b JYB1932_0003

6b JYB1932_0004

6b JYB1932_0005

6b JYB1932_0006

6b JYB1932_0007

6b JYB1932_0008

6b JYB1932_0009

6b JYB1932_0010

6b JYB1932_0011

6b JYB1932_0012

6b JYB1932_0013

6b JYB1932_0014

6b JYB1932_0015

6b JYB1932_0016

6b JYB1932_0017

4 thoughts on “The Jewish Year Book 1932, Rev. S. Levy – and the Federation of Synagogues

  1. Your latest offering is more than coincidental. Just this past I have been discussing with interested colleagues – Pini Dunner in LA, Dayan Binstock and david Latchman (do you know about his amazing collection), Elkan levy, Rabbi meir Salasnik and David Shulman (who has spent many years reorganising the list of UK synagogues and Rabbis on JC-GEN) the idea of a seminar / conference dealing with Anglo jewish rabbis of the twentieth century, some time in janaury here in Israel – but maybe Ill organise a webinair Zoom meeting in the next few weeks and will add you to th e list/.

    Back to the 1932 year book. Rabbi Dr J newman from Notting Hill was my grandfather (died before I was born ). Rev Gottleib Yedidiya Rosenberg was my wife’s grandfather. I met Elaine when we were 17 almost 50 years ago, Only after we married did we realise that the two grandfathers and their wives are buries just a few rows from each other in Edmonton federation cemetery. In these very days I am having their gravestones renovated as a family project. One you missed out was Rabbi J (Yaacov) Rabinowitz of dalston – Monagu Road, who wa Rabbi Dr Newmans father in law (in other words my great grandfather). He died that year on Christmas day 1932
    . He was a major Haredi (very pro Zionist) figure in London having arrived there from Edinburgh in 1917, to where he had come from Lithiania in 1897. His funeral was attended by Rabbis Hllman, Herzog (to all of whom he was related through marriages of sons and daughters) and , according to the Yiddish press of the time, thousands of people attended the levaya.

    It was Rabbi Dessler who became, for a few years, the next rabbi of Montagu Road and I was interested to see that the Year Book has hi as the Rabbi of Artillery Road. I was unaware of this. After a few years at dalston, he left to set up the Gateshead Kollel where, as you probably know he had a major influence (was the teacher there of Louis Jacobs!!!!) and in the final years of his life to Israel where he was Mashgiach of Ponevezh. He died early 50’s.

    So the Federation list of 1932 is of great interest to me.

    Keep putting them up on your site – I enjoy reading it.

    P.S. given the fact that Gottleib Rosenberg was my wife’s grandfather, we are distantly distantly related. Please give the exact relationship with your daughter in law. One of my grandsons (who we visited yesterday in Netanya, where he has a new sister five days old) is called yedidya after him – he is two years old.

    David Newman

  2. PS, and yes, in my recent research in the jewish Archives when I am in London at the LMA, you come across communities almost everywhere throughout England, Wales and Scotland in the first half of the twentieth century. Places you would never have thought of. I believe that david Shulman has succeeded in putting up a comprehensive list of the communities on JC-GEN but many require additional information.

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