Der Keren Hayesod Un Zein Arbeit (The Palestine Foundation Fund and its work), Adolf Boehm, London 1924

8e Keren_0001This book was published by the Jewish Agency in 1924, in Yiddish.  The Keren Hayesod, or Palestine Foundation Fund had been founded on December 24th, 1920, after discussions at the World Zionist Conference in London earlier in July of that year.

This is an early description of fundraising and what the money was being used to fund, published, interestingly, in Yiddish, when the Jewish Agency was based at 75 Great Russell Street in London.

It was printed in Whitechapel by Israel Narodiczky.  The author was Adolf Boehm, a historian and Zionist leader, who was born at Teplitz in Bohemia in 1873.  He was a Board Member of the Zionist General Council and the Jewish National Fund, and published a major history of the Zionist Movement, written in German, up to the 1920s.  He was murdered by the Hartheim Euthenasia Centre in 1941.

I’ve scanned a few sample pages and a graph showing the growth in income from the foundation, but what is really interesting is the international list of addresses of committees and offices of the Keren Hayesod at the end of the book.  The geography of the Jewish world has changed drastically since 1924.

8e Keren_0002

8e Keren_0003

8e Keren_0004

8e Keren_0005

8e Keren_0006

8e Keren_0007

8e Keren_0008

8e Keren_0009

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