Twenty-First Report of the Jew’s Deaf and Dumb Home, Walmer Road, Notting Hill, London 1891

7z Deaf_0001The Jews Deaf and Dumb Home was founded in 1863 by Baroness Mayer de Rothschild as a school where resident Jewish children could learn to speak.  Originally in Whitechapel, it moved to Walmer Road, Notting Hill. The first Director was William Van Praagh, from the Netherlands, who had been invited to England to help convert the School from the manual to the oral method of teaching speech.

The Home moved in 1899, to Nightingale Lane, Wandsworth, and closed in 1965.

The National Archives has its records from the twentieth century, but this fragile little booklet is older – from 1891.  The officers and lists of hundreds of donors with their addresses and donations demonstrate support for this charity from mainly the middle and wealthier classes.

7z Deaf_0002

7z Deaf_0003

7z Deaf_0004

7z Deaf_0005

7z Deaf_0006

7z Deaf_0007

7z Deaf_0008

7z Deaf_0009

7z Deaf_0010

7z Deaf_0011

7z Deaf_0012

7z Deaf_0013

7z Deaf_0014

7z Deaf_0015

7z Deaf_0016

7z Deaf_0017

7z Deaf_0018

7z Deaf_0019

7z Deaf_0020

7z Deaf_0021

7z Deaf_0022

7z Deaf_0023

7z Deaf_0024

7z Deaf_0025

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