Folk Un Literatur (People and Literature), Leo Kenig, London, 1947.

7n Kenig Folk_0001Folk Un Literature is subtitled: Five lectures on the main tendencies and characteristics of modern Yiddish literature, and a dissertation on Jews in modern art. 

Leo Konig was born near Minsk and brought up in Odessa, where he attended the Yeshiva of Chaim Tchernowitz (Rav Tsair). From 1908 to 1912 he studied art at the Bezalel School in Jerusalem, and then in Munich and Paris before coming to London in 1914. For a fuller biography and bibliography, see the article by Berl Cohen in Joshua Fogel’s Yiddish Leksikon.

7n Kenig Folk_0002He was active in the International P.E.N Club for many years. As the delegate of the Yiddish P.E.N. Club, he spoke at the International P.E.N Club Conference, held in London in 1941, on the contribution of Yiddish literature to the enlightenment of Europe, and the part played by the Jewish masses in Russia and Palestine in the fight for the liberation of mankind.

Folk Un Literatur was published by the Workmens Circle on 1947 and printed by the Narod Press in Whitechapel.

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