Pri Etz HaDas VeHaChayim, by Chaim Woolf Rosenfeld, London 1922.

PriEtz01I have written before about a similar book by Chaim Woolf Rosenfeld, called Sefer HaChaim, also printed, as was this one, by Israel Narodiczky in Whitechapel.  This one was called Pri Etz HaDas VeHaChaim, which means Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.  These books were published posthumously, and a letter from his son Meyer Rosenfeld is tipped in.


Chaim Woolf Rosenfeld was a prolific writer and lecturer. He was born in Radomsko, Poland, in 1847 and settled in London about 1885. His father, Yehuda Leibish, the son of Tzvi, was the grandson of the Gaon, Rabbi Mordecai Banet.  His mother was a descendant of the Chacham Tzvi, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch ben Yaakov Ashkenazi.  Chaim Rosenfeld died on 22nd February 1922.

He published his works in Hebrew and English.  His first book, published in English in 1890, entitled Torat Haadam – Teachings of Humanity is available from several sources as a print on demand book.

As well as being an author, he wrote on current affairs and was in demand as a lecturer.  At the time of the Russian pogroms, on April 4th 1906, Chaim Rosenfeld wrote from 117, Whitechapel Road, in the Daily Chronicle, that there is not the slightest doubt that Jews are shot on the Russian frontier—not only political refugees, but people who do not possess a passport. He says this was general, but it more frequently happens at present.  Mr. Rosenfeld mentions as a case  within his own knowledge the shooting of Mr. Ornstein, of Odessa, on the frontier, on his return from the seventh Zionist Congress at Basel, Switzerland, which he attended as a delegate.

There is an excellent article about Chaim Rosenfeld in the June 2004 issue of Shemot, the journal of the Jewish genealogical Society of Great Britain, written by his grandson, Wilfred Webber.  See:

The book starts with an introduction and an autobiography  which are identical to that in his book Sefer HaChaim, reproduced in the article that I wrote about this book previously.





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