Sefer Shaarei HaMitzvos, by Rabbi Abraham Tzvi Weinstein, London 1953.

Weinstein01This is an interesting book by a slightly forgotten British Rabbi. 

Rabbi Abraham Zevi Weinstein was born in Azhore, near Grodno, in 1901.  He studied in the Yeshivos (Rabbinical schools) of Grodno and Slobodka and was then the young Rabbi of Liskova, Lithuania, until he came to England in 1928 to be the Rabbi of the Princelet Street Synagogue in London.  In 1940 he was appointed Rosh Hashochetim (chief advisor in religious matters to the London Board of Shechita) until he retired in 1966.  He was also the Rabbi of the Montague Road Beth Hamedrash in Dalston.

Rabbi Harry Rabinowicz wrote that Rabbi Weinstein was renowned and loved for his Yiddish discourses which demonstrated his profound learning and humour and contained a wealth of Rabbinical maxims.  Although a Litvak (Lithuanian), Rabbi Weinstein was a frequent visitor to the London Biala Rebbe, Rabbi Nathan David Rabinowicz.  He gave a Hesped (Eulogy) for the Biala Rebbe at the memorial service in November 1947.

Rabbi Weinstein’s wife was Liba, daughter of Rabbi Aaron Joseph Sher.  Their daughter, Chaya Sarah was married to Rabbi Dr. Solomon Brown of Leeds. Their daughter Feige was married to Rev. Joseph Shaw of Palmers Green and Southgate Synagogue.  Rabbi Weinstein died on 4th August 1975 in Leeds, and is buried there in the United Hebrew Congregation Cemetery.

Weinstein03The book, Shaarei HaMitzvos, is a concise Hebrew compendium on the 613 commandments, as listed by the Rambam (Maimonides).  My copy has two letters tipped in.  One is a pre-publication letter from the Chief Rabbi, Israel Brodie, asking the public to support the book (financially).  The second is from Rabbi Weinstein, who sent out copies of his book hoping for an acknowledgement (and perhaps a donation).

It has a Haskoma (approbation) by Dayan Yechezkel Abramsky.  At the back of the book are two interesting pages of donors who helped defray the cost of printing.  These start with Chief Rabbi Brodie and include Rabbi Rogoznitzky of Cardiff, Rabbi Landy of Cricklewood, Rabbi Rubenstein of Giffnock, Glasgow and Harry Gaventa, President of the London Board of Shechita.

The book was printed by the Narod Press, and is number 488 in Moshe Saunders list of Narodiczky publications.


These are those who made donations to finance the publication of the book:



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