The Gates of Zion (Quarterly Magazine of the Synagogue Council of the Zionist Federation (UK), January 1951.

Gates01This was a quarterly magazine, and the first three short articles reproduced below are interesting reading.

The editorial, “Accursed Germany” demonstrates the raw depth of feeling about the German murderers in January 1951.

There is a good article by the Rev. J. K. Goldbloom about Rabbi Jehuda Hai Alkalai.  I have a copy of his booklet Mevasser Tov, printed in London in 1852, which is mentioned in the article.

Then there is a short article by Rabbi Dr. Solomon Schonfield on Zionist and the Jewish Day School Movement.

The Central Synagogue Council of the Zionist Federation had 139 member synagogues, including Synagogues all over the British Isles, 21 members of the United Synagogue and 39 from the Federation of Synagogues.


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