Talmud Torah Ivrit Be-Ivrit, 61 Redman’s Road, Stepney. 1901-1951, Fifty Years of Its Existence, London, 1951.

Redmans01This is the Golden Jubilee book of the Redman’s Road, Talmud Torah, known as the Talmud Torah Ivrit B’Ivrit, founded in 1901.  It includes a history of the institution and is full of names, information and some photographs.

Redmans02One of the first items that I included when I started to write about my collection was the tenth annual report. Here we are now, forty years later.  Ten years later, with the decline of the Jewish population in the East End of London, in 1961, the Redman’s Road Talmud Torah had closed.

The book includes translations into Hebrew and Yiddish – the pages below are the English ones, plus some Hebrew quotations from famous Anglo-Jewish Rabbonim.  There are many, many names mentioned.

Redmans03The book is yet another example printed by the Narod Press, founded by Israel Narodiczky.


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