The Jewish Memorial Council Central Committee for Jewish Education, Annual Report by Herbert Adler, 1936-37.

1936CentralEd01This is the report of Herbert Adler, the Director of Education. It gives am interesting report on Jewish Education in Britain in 1936-37, including not just London, but communities all over the British Isles.

Herbert Marcus Adler (1876-1940) was a grandson of Chief Rabbi Nathan Marcus Adler.  He was educated at the City of London School and St John’s College Cambridge.  He was a Captain and Adjutant in the Royal Army Service Corps in the First World War and then spent most of his life in the service of Jewish education.  He was active in the cause of the Stepney Jewish Schools, of which he eventually followed hi father, Marcus Adler, as President.  He was appointed Director of Jewish Education in 1922 and held this position for 17 years.

He was well-known throughout the Jewish communities of Great Britain, due to his frequent travel around the communities.  He was also a prolific author and was the Editor of the Service of the Synagogue Machzorim (Festival Prayer Books) which have been in use for many years.


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