Be’er Mayim by Rabbi Isaac Menachem Abrahamson, London 1917

Be’er Mayim (Well of Water) is a book of commentaries, sermons and articles written by Rabbi Isaac Menachem Abrahamson.  He had been a preacher in Lodz for eight years before emigrating to England, and in 1917 was a preacher at the Fieldgate Street Synagogue in the East End of London, and lived at 136 Whitechapel Road.

Beer Mayim 1_0001

Rabbi Abrahamson was apparently highly regarded by his contemporaries, and his book has haskamas (approbations) from the leading orthodox British Rabbis of the day:

Rabbi Moshe Avigdor Chaikin
Rabbi Israel Chaim Daiches
Rabbi Abraham Isaac Hacohen Kook (later to become Chief Rabbi of Palestine)
Rabbi Samuel Isaac Hillman
Rabbi Meir Zvi Jung (Chief Rabbi of the Federation of Synagogues)

What caught my eye was the list of subscribers  – leadership and members of the Fieldgate Street Synagogue and other places.  Subscriptions were collected to finance printing of the book, done at the Narodiczki press in Mile end Road.

Beer Mayim 4Beer Mayim 5

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