Ozar Likutey Purim by Rabbi Judah Potok of Manchester (formerly Leipzig), London 1944.

Ginat HaBitan 1_NEWThis book is the Purim book, written by Rabbi Judah Potok, originally from Leipzig, who was living in Manchester during the war.  The author starts with thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fidler, who made a generous donation towards its printing (at the Narodiczky press in London) and then follows with an illustrious and interesting list of Haskamas (approbations) from:

  • Ginat HaBitan 4Dayan Yechezkel Abramsky
  • Rabbi David Feldman of the Machzikei Hadas in London, once a Rabbi in Leipzig
  • Rabbi Moshe Yitzchak Segal, Rosh Yeshiva of Manchester
  • Rabbi Moshe Eliyahu Rogosnitzky of Cardiff, previously of Leipzig (I bought my copy from M. Rogosnitzky, Hebrew Bookseller)
  • Rabbi Moshe Eliezer Rabbinowitz of Sunderland
  • Dayan Samuel Joseph Rabinow of Antwerp
  • Rabbi Shem Tov Gaguine, head of the Sephardi Medrash Heshaim in LondonAnd then, of interest to the genealogist, is this page:Ginat HaBitan 2

And here is the table of contents, which makes you really want to read the sefer – BUT – as of yet I have only found two copies apart from my own, one in the New York Public Library, and one for sale from a book dealer.Ginat HaBitan 3

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