Sefer Tal Hashomayim by Rabbi Isaiah Brott, London 1922

Tal Hashomayim 1Rabbi Isaiah Brott was a Shochet in London for many years until his death on January 2nd, 1945.  he was the son of Shmuel Brott, who was an important leader of the community in Lowicz, Poland.  Rabbi Brott lived at 82 Colveston Crescent Dalston.

His book, Tal Hashomayim, printed by the Narodiczky press in Whitechapel, is in Yiddish.  It is about the 39 forms of work that Jews are not allowed to perform on the Sabbath, explaining each one, with commentaries.  My copy has a little wear on the green cloth covers, demonstrating that it was used and read more than once.

The book has a number of interesting haskamas (approbrations) from among the most distinguished London orthodox Rabbis of the day that demonstrate the esteem in which Rabbi Brott was held.  These include:

  • Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh Twersky, the London Trisker Rebbe
  • Rabbi Jacob Rabinowitz of the Dalston Beth Hamedrash
  • Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Ferber of the West End Talmud Torah Synagogue in Soho
  • Rabbi Dr. Victor Schonfeld of the Adath Yisroel
  • Rabbi Tzvi Zev Velvel Weinberg, of Stepney Orthodox Synagogue
  • Rabbi Mordecai Hacohen Gutnik, the first Shaliach of Chabad in London


As can be seen below, it is in Yiddish, intended to inform and teach the new Yiddish speaking Jewish immigrants:

Tal Hashomayim 2




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