School System of the Talmud, by Dayan Bernard Spiers, London 1882

7l School System_0001I’ve previously written about Dayan Spier’s book “The Threefold Cord“, which was published in 1891.  This is an earlier book which includes an essay on the organization of education in the Talmud, together with a Siyum on Masseches Bava Metzia that Dayan Spiers delivered in the Beis Hamedrash in London.

From 1876 the London Beth Din (the Ecclesiastical Court) consisted of Chief Rabbi Nathan Adler, his son, Hermann Adler, and Dayan Bernard Spiers. Bernard Spiers was a Polish-born Rabbi of the old school who was popular in the East End of London. If you want to understand how the Beth Din works, click on this essay by Dayan Feldman.

The main part of this book is an essay that was previously printed in the Jewish Chronicle.  Perhaps for his audience, Dayan Spiers likes to demonstrate the relevance of his subject matter to current day living in England (in 1882!).  at the end of the essay he states that the School Boards, which were a relatively recent innovation in the England of his day, are the practical recognition of the principles if education as explained in the Talmud.

7l School System_0002

7l School System_0003

7l School System_0004

7l School System_0005

7l School System_0006

7l School System_0007

7l School System_0008

The second part is a speech at a Siyum – a commemorative event or meal to celebrate the completion of study of a book of the Talmud – in the case Bava Metzia:


7l School System_0009

7l School System_0010

7l School System_0011

7l School System_0012

7l School System_0013

7l School System_0014

7l School System_0015


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