Zionism and the Jewish Religion, by F. S. Spiers, London 1918.

FSSpiers01Frederick Solomon Spiers, OBE, wrote this booklet, originally in 1915, published by the Zionist Organization in London. 

He is another almost forgotten leader and activist of Anglo-Jewry.  Yet, at his funeral at Willesden Cemetery in 1926 – he died of a heart ailment at the early age of 50 – the mourners included the elite of the Anglo-Jewish religious establishment:

The Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, Rabbi Dr. J. H. Hertz, Haham Dr. Moses Gaster, the Dayanim of the London Beth Din, Dayan Feldman, Dayan Mendelsohn and Dayan Lazarus.  Rabbi Dr. Samuel Daiches, Rabbi M. Gollop, Rabbi Dr. Victor Schonfeld, Dr. A. Buchler, Dr. H. Hirschfeld,  Dr. Duschinsky, Dr. A. Marmorstein, Dr. T. Feldman, Dr. Cecil Roth, Dr. J. Snowman, Dr. A. Cohen, the Reverends S. Levy, I. Goldston, N. Goldston, B. Spero, S. Lipson, W; Stoloff, B. Fertleman and A. Perlzweig and others.

JCMay28-1926Fred Spiers was a son of the former Dayan of the London Beth Din, Bernard Spiers.  I have written previously about Dayan Spier’s books The School system of the Talmud and The Threefold Cord.

He was an important scientist who worked on the production of synthetic nitrogen during the First World War and was rewarded with the OBE for his efforts. 

He was a writer with a deep religious conviction and a frequent contributor to the pages of the Jewish Chronicle.

But above all, he was a worker for Jewish education.

In this strong and forceful pamphlet he makes the case that Zionism stems from Judaism and it is impossible to have Zionism without the Jewish religion.

The whole booklet is reproduced below:





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