Records of the Franklin Family and Collaterals, by Arthur Ellis Franklin, London 1915.

7b Franklin_0001I have previously written a little about Arthur Ellis Franklin, whose copy of the Selichos book of his day is in my collection. You can read about that here.

He compiled this important family history, which was printed for private circulation in 1915.  This book was obviously the result of much research, carried out long before modern digital communications were available.  As well as the history of the prominent Franklin family, it includes many branches and has information about other Anglo-Jewish families who had established their presence in the British Isles well before the mass immigration from Eastern Europe.

You can also read below (on page 27) about Jacob Franklin, the founder of the first Anglo-Jewish newspaper, the Voice of Jacob, which I have written about here.

Here is the preface, table of contents and a sample of the historical details and genealogies that are recorded in this important (and scarce) book:

7b Franklin_0002

7b Franklin_0003

7b Franklin_0004

7b Franklin_0005

7b Franklin_0006

7b Franklin_0007

7b Franklin_0008

7b Franklin_0009

7b Franklin_0010

7b Franklin_0011

7b Franklin_0012

7b Franklin_0013

7b Franklin_0014

7b Franklin_0015

7b Franklin_0016

7b Franklin_0017

7b Franklin_0018

7b Franklin_0019

7b Franklin_0020

7b Franklin_0021

7b Franklin_0022

7b Franklin_0023

7b Franklin_0024

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