Loshen un Leben, for November 1946 (75 years ago), edited by A. N. Stencl, London.

Nov46Loshn01Avrom Nochem Stencl came to London in 1936.  He was born in Poland, into a rabbinical family, and had lived in Germany for some years, where he was a published author.  His first volume of poetry in London was published in 1937.  I have previously written about his book Yerushalayim, a book of songs, ballads and poems published in 1948 here.

In 1940 Stencl started a regular publication, in Yiddish, “Loshn un Leben”.  He was the main contributor and the Naroditzky Press was the printer.

The magazine starts with “Shakespeare in the Yiddish Theatre in London”.

Then a poem by Moyshe Oyved.  He was a London jeweller whose English name was Edward Good. He wrote in both Yiddish and English, and you can read more about him here.

This is followed by a contribution from Solomon Mikhoels, the Artistic Director of the Moscow State Jewish Theatre and chairman of the Jewish Anti-Fascist committee during the Second World War.  He was assassinated on Stalin’s orders in 1948. 

In 1946 the Holocaust was very fresh as evidenced in some of the contributions.   Here is a selection:



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