Sefer Torath Abodath HaAdamah by Isser Yosef Einhorn, London 1910.


This is a detailed guide, in Hebrew, to agriculture, including plants, terrain, climate, drainage – in fact everything that you need to know to grow things.  It is a technical guide for Jewish agriculturalists. 

The book covers the various species of earth products, atmospheric conditions, soils, irrigation, ploughing, manures, sowing, the warfare against insects and other enemies or fruits and flowers, the processes of reaping and harvesting, and the significance of rotation of crops.

The work is practical and precise; the illustrations, some of which I have scanned below, are also good. A useful vocabulary of technical terms is given at the end of the book.

The book was printed in London in 1910, at Israel Narodiczky’s press at 48 Mile End Road, and is number 75 in Moshe Sanders list of books printed by Narodiczky.

The author, Isser Yosef Einhorn was born in 1866 in Kaidan (Kėdainiai), Lithuania, the brother of the Warsaw journalist Arn Einhorn. He moved to Vilna at age fifteen, and there he studied in a yeshiva and also attended to his secular education. He traveled to France in 1891 and studied agronomy in Montpellier.

Einhorn was a teacher of natural science in the Alliance school Mikvah-Yisrael in Palestine.

In 1910 he was living in London, at 138 Romford Street, Fieldgate Mansions, E., and this book was reviewed in the Jewish Chronicle on May 17th, 1910, page 25.

He then returned to France and from 1912 he was living in Warsaw. He was a contributor to the Yiddish press, and the author of books about botanical and zoological subjects, physics, and chemistry, under the pen name A. Y. Rogodin. He died in Warsaw in August 1925.  According to his obituary in the Jewish Chronicle he was a ‘celebrated Talmudist’ and had also translated the works of Carlyle into Hebrew.


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